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IDEX Cognito EODD pump helped market leader sanitaryware producer to derive better results.

The Problem

The client’s production plant houses a slip house on the ground floor and a casting house on the second floor. The client previously used a screw pump to pump the fluid to the 2nd floor, resulting in a constant pressure spike without any available measures to control the screw pump speed. The issue led to higher energy consumption and damage to essential parts like rotors and stators.

The Solution

We solved this peculiar problem by pairing our Cognito SMART EODD pump with PID controller, system logic is built to automate speed control to maintain the desired pressure in the system. When the slurry is in recirculation at high pressure, the system reduces the speed up to 25Hz. On the other hand, when the casting begins, the pump attains a speed of about 40Hz. Customized automation added Cognito Smart pump, which trip the pump at the end of the batch and restart it after 60-Sec interval, thus eliminating wear & tear due to over torque at the end of the batch. This solution helped in reducing overall power consumption and achieve minimal wear & tear.

Client Testimonial Statement

The IDEX Cognito EODD pump and the innovative engineering by their team helped us maintain line pressure at set value throughout the process. The pressure-speed control system deployed by the team solved multiple issues for us by bringing down higher energy consumption and eliminating critical parts damage.

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