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Leading tyres manufacturer reduces production line damage to boost productivity with IDEX Cognito EODD Pump.

The Problem

The client’s production plant uses an EODD pump to transfer (1.1 SG) fluid from the pit to the delivery tank, used for treating rubber sheets. As the fluid falls into the pit, it carries rubber impurities that enter the system. These impurities lead to suction choking and dry running of the pump and even damaging the diaphragm, resulting in massive maintenance and repair costs. The client sought an alarm system to flag the suction strainer choking and stop the pump before any damage.

The Solution

We used a 1” reducer spool piece and 1” ball valve to create considerable pressure on the pump end (approx. 2 bar). Once we achieved the desired system pressure with PLC logic, we created an alarm signal to flag when the system pressure drops to a specific value indicating suction choking. Also, we set up the pump to turn off if the designated value remains below the set pressure before causing any damage to the diaphragm. In case of discharge choking, the pump will shut off in overload, thus protecting the motor.

Client Testimonial Statement

“The absence of a reliable indication or alarm of suction choking was a big pain for us as it led to pumps running in dry condition and rupturing the diaphragm. IDEX Cognito EODD pumps solved the problems for us and help us achieve better productivity while keeping the maintenance cost to a minimum.”

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