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Case Studies

International sanitaryware giant trusts IDEX Cognito Pump to minimise production wastage.

The Problem

The earlier pumps in use could not generate enough higher pressure to maintain adequate slurry flow in the line, thus leaving a way for air to enter inside and solidify the discharge line. This led to the fluid solidifying inside the pipeline, creating blockage and raising the frequent need for line maintenance and parts replacement.

The Solution

Cognito EODD Smart Logic is designed to control the opening and closing of the butterfly valve and increase the closing time to reduce the magnitude of the back pressure pulse. Its Auto-Start feature, automatically start the pump when tripping is at the end of the batch. This Logic implies that the pump will trip when there is over torque at the end of the batch and will start after 60-sec intervals. As a safety feature, if the pump trips a second time, then the pump must be reset manually to resume operations.

Client Testimonial Statement

“Starting the pump when it trips at the end of the batch after the pressure spike shooting above the design limit was a major challenge for us. The IDEX Cognito Pump helped us eliminate this and many other issues from our production process, and proved to be a boon for our organisation. The pump has had a huge impact on our processes.”

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